Letters to the Editor

Only a 12-figure deficit

I am so excited to see that the Democrats and our beloved Mike Madigan are going to raise each of our Illinois income tax rates an extra 32 percent. And all of this is collected so we can make sure our wonderful “public servants,” i.e. state workers and teachers unions, can keep getting their sweet retirement compensation that has made Illinois the most bankrupt state in the U.S. When I moved here in 2000 the unfunded debt was around $50 billion, or $50,000 million. But thanks to Democrat astute business management for us the average citizen and not the sweet, dear and trusted “public service” employee it has grown to over $120,000 million, or $120 billion. That’s only a 12-figure deficit! I didn’t say 12-figure income. I said deficit. So being the dumb ass I am, I am going to stay in a state where most of my taxes go to make sure our sweet, loyal and dedicated public servants and teachers can have the best retirement package around, far better than its regular citizens and in the end is unsustainable. But then, what are Democrats for if they don’t take care of their union buddy voters? T-minus three years and we are getting the hell out of here. Maybe by then every homeowner will only be a state worker or teacher. Then it will be a true paradise in Illinois. Bless you! Bless you all.

Brent Rains, Collinsville