Letters to the Editor

So we have now spoken, so shall it now be

For the first time in recorded history, the world is now confronted by rogue nations bent upon using nuclear weapons to further their fanatical religious or quasi-religious goals of territorial and ideological expansion. The United States and other nations have spent a number of years endeavoring to frame a response to these belligerent powers, but have realized little or no success in deterring the threats these nations pose to civilized societies.

What has been learned in the process is that these rogue nations do not respond when either diplomatic or economic pressures are applied to curb their hostile behaviors. They have consistently employed both delaying and deceptive practices to frustrate any meaningful efforts to assure their peaceful interactions with other world actors. Since it is glaringly clear that a solution cannot be negotiated with these belligerents, the United States must formulate a policy which will ultimately bring these hostile nations into compliance with acceptable international social behaviors.

One such policy is as follows: The United States announces its intention to use overwhelming military force to overthrow and thoroughly destroy any government which launches a nuclear-tipped missile toward another nation. There will be no negotiated response to a belligerent nation’s act of nuclear hostility; there will be no delay in response.

The implementation of the doctrine of nuclear self-destruction, coupled with the concurrent use of state-of-the-art anti-missile protections, is the only policy that may deter these rogue nations.

So we have now spoken, so shall it now be.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville