Letters to the Editor

The people in Illinois need help in voting

Illinois is the Land of Corruption. With the professional thieves that are running Illinois from Springfield (Chicago), Illinois will never heal. The thieves in office are drowning the state in a cesspool of debt and thievery.

With all the money that flows into Springfield (Chicago), we should be in great shape. The only thing that gets any consideration is the pockets of the state thieves. The debt is absorbent and the entire infrastructure (except in Chicago) is falling apart.

There should be no money spent on politicians’ wages or retirement until we get a balanced budget, they do their jobs and start paying off the debt. They should get an I.O.U. payable upon job completion. They weren’t sent to Springfield to play games and act important — they are an embarrassment.

If I was able to leave this state of corruption, I’d do it in a flat minute. When I visit relatives in other states, I park in a parking lot and taxi to their house. I don’t want to embarrass them with a car bearing Illinois plates. The mafia deserves more respect than Illinois politicians.

I was told Indiana wouldn’t accept Obama as a politician, but he fit right in with Illinois. Thank God he is gone (out of office) and that’s what needs to happen to the Illinois politicians. Hillary Clinton defeated Hillary; miracles do happen. We need your help, Lord. It appears the people in Illinois need help in voting.

Terry Hunt, Trenton