Letters to the Editor

There shouldn’t be winners and losers in politics

What happens when politics becomes like baseball? Unfortunately in Illinois and our country at large, we have entered into an unhealthy team sport mentality where there are winners and losers, and winning is the desired outcome regardless of the cost. Competition when controlled and used as a tool for learning positive social behavior is a great thing and has driven many to achieve individual and shared accomplishments. However, when not coupled with good sportsmanship and strong values like fairness, team responsibility and greater good becomes valueless spurring the ugliness we see in politics today. When winning becomes the goal regardless of cost everyone loses. Illinois is broken; take off the sports uniforms, boys and girls, and put away the egos. Be a part of the solution. Even if you believe you are totally right, it will not matter if you cannot come together and cooperate enough to save the state. At that point there are no winners, only losers!

Lynn Jarman, Belleville