Letters to the Editor

This may be the only time I’ve ever agreed with him

As a voter, casting both “D” and “R” ballots since 1972, most recently writing in Tim Kasich, I have several thoughts, regarding the voter fraud/Russian situation.

I believe Hillary Clinton lost, not because of collusion, but because she paid too little attention to her voter base, and constantly played to the polls. My questions work around the Trump team, Donny Jr. and the “chosen one,” Eric’s, friendships and monetary involvements with their Russian “buds.”

Recently, Donald Trump has gone after individual states’ voter records, looking for fraud. In a 1984-esque approach to getting what he wants (names, addresses, D or R tendencies), he continuously brings up voter ID. This may be the only time I’ve ever agreed with him. But, what if, after attaining all of this “needed information,” we find that the majority of “illegal voters” voted for him? Ooops, fake numbers?

Sorry, Cheeto, just asking.

Tom Whittey, Belleville