Letters to the Editor

If Trumpcare becomes law, it sends a clear message

If Trumpcare becomes a law, it means that Donald Trump and the Republicans are sending a message to the poor, middle class and seniors: We do not care if you die or when you die. The 20 million plus citizens who obtained health insurance through Obamacare will have no options. My family includes two disabled seniors with chronic conditions requiring a third of their income. The cost of our insurance is $1,100 a month. The insurance company never pays consistently for tests and procedures, while their CEO made over $16 million last year. In 2018, our insurance will be $2,400 a month. All of the big health insurers pulling out of the healthcare insurance market for Obamacare have CEOs making $20 million plus each year. From day one, Republicans and the insurance industry have wanted Obamacare to fail. All the Republicans want is to be re-elected. They worship at the altar of their high value contributors like the Koch brothers. The voters who are sheep following people like Eric “Shoot ‘em up”, “I never saw a gun I didn’t like” Greitens are the ones who voted these Republican deplorables into office. We must work for a return to Democracy to stop the Fascist tactics of trying to eliminate press coverage of secret, unethical, and illegal government actions.

Bob Delaney, Florissant, Missouri