Letters to the Editor

ACA is still up and running

To writer Kevin Gagen, you are so wrong and getting far ahead. Republicans have not decided on any thing with the Affordable Care Act yet. They are still working on a new health care bill that will be better. There is still talk going on. Mitch McConnell has not called for a vote as many are not happy with what has been done already. If the ACA can be fixed, and it needs a lot of fixing, then it might stay, but otherwise they need to get something else that will do a better job. For right now though that is not the new one they have been working on.

But no, there is nothing yet. The ACA is still up and running and will be for a while.

James J. Harrigan, what has Donald Trump done to get impeached for? Nothing. He has done things he has set out to do. The only thing he may be doing that many complain about is his tweeting, but that is not against any law. It may be bad judgment on his part, but there are many that do that.

Lori Felts, Worden