Letters to the Editor

What is the excuse for not getting anything done?

This is for all the politicians. We now have a Republican president and both houses controlled by one party! What is the excuse for not getting anything done?

When are we going to see some action? All we heard about is the media! We keep hearing about Hillary Clinton; we keep hearing about Barack Obama. You are now the president and control both houses; we are still waiting to see the Republicans get something done.

People are still reacting to comments that the president made! We have enough violence now. There is no need to encourage people to be violent. Please, Mr. President, tell the police that they are supposed to protect all of the people in this country and not just the 47 percent of Americans.

There are a lot of good cops, but their training is all wrong! Please inform the police that black people are not the only bad people in this country!

Robert Kirkland Jr., O’Fallon