Letters to the Editor

With friends like him, who needs enemies?

As I read Charlie Meier’s statement, I recognized many fallacies that I would like to address. First and foremost I believe that he should have addressed his constituency in a town hall meeting prior to voting in favor of the tax increase. To me it is cowardly to address it via a written statement, after the fact that he was voting on an issue of such great importance.

He states that the state is broke. This increase will help correct the financial disaster we face. It will save lives! Really, would someone please remind Charlie that this approach failed miserably before here? I really enjoyed his rationale that he doesn’t anticipate this tax increase taking effect without major cuts and real reforms. This guy is either delusional or totally ignorant to the politics of negotiation.

Mike Madigan just rammed this down the throats of the Republicans and all with the help of 15 Republicans. Oh, by the way Charlie, you just gave cover to 15 Democrooks who voted against the tax increase. They can now thank you and your 14 buddies for likely being re-elected! Bravo, and good luck getting any meaningful reforms.

Charlie claims to applaud the governor’s efforts to reform our state, yet stabs him in the back when push comes to shove. With friends like Charlie ... who needs enemies! Et tu, Brute?

Randy C. Leffler, Aviston