Letters to the Editor

What do liberals know about dignity?

Here’s a very small sample of media and liberal politicians’ “respect” and “dignity” for the office of president of the United States: “Trump is a racist, rapist, mentally deranged, a cancer on our democracy, a dog, a pig.”

When President Donald Trump defends the honor of his family and himself against these attacks from so-called journalists and politicians, they whine that “he’s below the dignity” of the office.

We have mock assassinations of Trump — a sitting president — being stabbed multiple times in a play, shot in the head by a rapper, and his severed, bloodied head held up ISIS style. Liberals call this “artistic expression.” But when President Trump parodies a wrestling move on a CNN person, he’s accused of inciting violence. Really?

Liberals ignored dignity when their hero Bill Clinton repeatedly committed adultery (and possibly sexual assault) all the way from Arkansas to Washington D.C. Any respectable person would expect their president to have the morals, values and ethics to set an example for America. Not liberals. It was fine how Clinton defined presidential dignity in the Oval Office with his pants down having sex with an intern, embarrassing us worldwide.

Two-faced liberal hypocrisy is not just discussed among themselves at the water cooler. No, they use national media to puke up their Fake News sewage. Dignity? What do these rancid liberals know about dignity? Nothing.

Gary Like, Highland