Letters to the Editor

The answer is obvious

Are you confused about national healthcare? Really? Well how do you feel about other forms of insurance?

Have you called the mayor or your councilman to complain about your premiums? What about your home insurance? Have you called your auto service repairman to ask why it is so high?

If you answered no to either or both questions, then why do you expect national legislators or the president to know enough to figure our healthcare? I worked in healthcare with the giants: General American, MetLife and CIGNA. In both areas, Group Health Insurance and Medicare.

Medicare has set the standards and made most of the rules that private insurers have to use to compete in all forms. The answer is so obvious.

Make the government use United Health Care, Humana and a few others; use the formulas for price that they do. If not just turn the problem over to them, then make them testify before Congress and have them explain why what we are doing fails. Don’t ask bankers and industrialists or even Blue Cross. Use real insurance companies; they will tell you the truth.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville