Letters to the Editor

You voted to keep them in there

One of the things I love most about Mascoutah and Lebanon is that they are cities of trees. It makes them seem warm and welcoming to want to live in.

With this being said it means there will always be small branches along with leaves and it should be a joint venture between the city and the citizens to keep the city looking clean of the tree fallings.

However, the city had made this a big issue and can’t seem to come to any good consensus. The city leaders should realize there are lots of elderly folks that live here in town and not everyone has a pickup truck. But everyone could pick up these items and place them alongside the street for pickup by the city’s prevailing wage workers. By doing this in this way you solve the problem of people dumping unwanted items. And by using a tree limb chipper, you could better control the dumping area. You could better afford a tree limb chipper and pay for the chipper by taking donations for the wood chips.

A lot easier than a $52,000 Bobcat that was wrongfully bought. And the fact, you are still going to buy it. Taking funds away from what needs to be done, fixing our streets and sidewalks and raising our taxes to pay for it.

Folks, you voted to keep them in there, so don’t complain. I didn’t, so I can.

James E. Saffel, Mascoutah