Letters to the Editor

We already spend more on defense than Russia and China combined

The citizens of our country have long heard that the government wastes their tax money on a variety of items.

We’ve long been told that we could pay less in taxes if only the government took less of our hard earned money. However, President Donald Trump hasn’t been the least bit shy about increasing the amount of the pie allocated to defense. He has justified a buildup due to a readiness crisis in our armed services. Like just about everything else he talks about, there seems to be a big difference between observed reality and Trump’s made-up reality. We already spend more than Russia and China combined on defense!

When addressing the issue of military spending, one must consider wasted funds. One Pentagon study identified $125 billion in potential savings over a five-year period. The Navy spent $2.4 billion more that it budgeted on an aircraft carrier and the army paid 500 percent too much for a rotor part it already had.

In addition, the Defense Department is the only department of the federal government that has never been audited! This part of the government eats up 50 percent of each individual taxpayer’s federal income taxes and still has not held accountable!

At the same time we approve overgenerous defense budgets, the country is rotting internally. We have a crumbling infrastructure that needs funding and are considering cutting health insurance funding for those who need it. We really need a vision of internal strength!

Jason Sibert, Peace Economy Project, St. Louis