Letters to the Editor

Illinois will feel the results for many years to come

Who in the world is ridiculous enough to think that Bruce Rauner has done his job as governor of the state of Illinois? This man has held the state hostage for three years! And if it weren’t for the Republican senators who decided to finally do the right thing in risking their own political futures by overriding the governor’s veto, we would be looking at a state at risk of being broken up and divided into other states. And who knows what the ramifications of that would look like! This governor is trying to take credit he simply does not deserve. Our state credit rating dropped like a rock as a result of the governor’s inability to get a budget passed early in his tenure as governor. Illinois will feel the results of that “non-action” for many years to come. And yet he still tries to take credit for keeping the state running (as if that were an option!). It’s well known that Rauner refused to pass a budget unless collective bargaining was eliminated, a Constitutional right of the working class, determined by the Supreme Court! What kind of a governor does that make Rauner? I think I know the answer to that, and so should everyone!

Glenda Harris, Belleville