Letters to the Editor

Disagree with the president in a respectful, logical manner

Everyone is entitled to their argument. But there is a higher standard for senior military officers. That is why I am disappointed in the gross disparagement of the Commander in Chief by Col. Lee Pitzer, retired. All military officers should set a good example and uphold the tenets of the military. You can disagree with the president in a respectful and logical manner. I was surprised when Col. Pitzer concluded that President Donald Trump violated national security without one scintilla of evidence. As a squadron commander for five years, I had to ensure fair justice and disciplinary action in my units. I’m not sure if Col. Pitzer was a commander, but if so, I hope he was fair and thorough in each decision. I worked directly for 17 colonels in a row, both in the Air Force and in the private sector, including three retired Army colonels. All of them were respectful, fair and dignified officers and supervisors. That is what we should expect from senior officers. In comparison, retired Col. Bill Malec offers cogent and respectful points and is a good representative of the Air Force.

Phil Henning, retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel, Smithton