Letters to the Editor

We need common sense in Springfield

Illinois Democratic legislators just gave you the Madigan 32 percent state income tax increase. For those of you who care, the middle-class will start paying an average $1,200 more in taxes next year. Even funnier, the debtocratic budget is still $2 billion short of being balanced. So thank you local debtocratic legislator, who always claim to be the defender of the middle-class, seniors and the poor. Suckers!

The Madigan bobbleheads are also working on a new educational funding formula, which will pool your local educational monies with the depressed Chicago school system to help fund the bankrupt Chicago teachers pension system. Essentially, your school district will have the same amount of money it did last year, but the excess goes to Chicago! Your school districts will be crying for sales tax increases and higher property taxes because they can’t fund the crumbling schools. Bet you never thought you would be funding the Chicago teachers pension with your property taxes? The naive middle-class and seniors were suckered by debtocrats again. Of course the debtocrats claim they will make the millionaires and billionaires pay? So why did they raise middle-class taxes?

There hasn’t been one new net job created in Illinois in 20 years. Businesses and educated high earner labor force are fleeing Illinois. Without common sense in Springfield, taxes on the middle-class will only go higher! Will the middle-class finally figure it out?

Pete Hill, O’Fallon