Letters to the Editor

Meaning lost after altered Kerry quote

Mark Godwin once again responded to my letter to the editor. He was pleased with my being civil. Being respectful and listening is part of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s way. I urge him to watch Katharine Hayhoe’s “Global Weirding” videos.

Godwin agreed that climate disasters before smokestack industries existed do not disprove the physics behind current global warming. He pointed out that “the clearing and burning of vast tracks of forests to make way for agriculture” is producing large amounts of greenhouse gases (equal to all carbon-based industries in the U.S.)

Mark altered John Kerry’s meaning by shorting the quote. The BND shortened it further for the title of Godwin’s letter.

Here is Kerry’s complete sentence: “If all the industrialized nations went down to zero emissions – remember what I just said – all the industrial nations went down to zero emissions, it wouldn’t be enough – not when more than 65 percent of the world’s carbon pollution comes from the developing world.”

Godwin and the BND omitted the important last part of the sentence. To better understand Kerry’s sentence see the whole paragraph or speech online.

Kerry is correct in saying it will not be enough for industrial nations to go down to zero emissions if developing countries do not do their part in reducing emissions. Developing nations cannot keep burning large tracks of forests. Developed and developing countries must all do their part by living up to the pledges made in Paris.

Ronald G. Trimmer, Southern Illinois Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby chair