Letters to the Editor

Just because you don’t approve, doesn’t mean he’s not good

To writer Lee Pitzer, you claim about how Donald Trump divulged highly classified stuff to Russian minister while in the Oval Office. There is no real evidence of this. There is, however, evidence of Hillary Clinton’s emails, even if James Comey didn’t suggest criminal charges against her; she is still quality of the classified emails. Comey said there were several emails that should have been marked classified, so with evidence in one but not the other.

Just because he doesn’t meet with your approval doesn’t mean he is not good. He has already done several good things, even if you and most Democrats don’t want to admit it.

Hillary would have been a worse president because there is already proof that she mishandled classified info even though that didn’t do any charges against her. Some day possible she may just be behind bars.

Until then, Trump may not been a senator or any thing like that, but maybe that’s what we needed, that kind of person in the White House, stir things up some and make things better.

Lori Felts, Worden