Letters to the Editor

Is there widespread voter fraud at the polls?

The July 8 editorial by Jason Snead makes no sense and is dangerous. At best he cites roughly less than 1,000 cases of voter fraud, and they look to be some national and some local and are spread over several years. Everybody agrees that there are irregularities and fraud when you have 35 million or more people voting over thousands of cities, counties, and states. The argument is: Is there widespread voter fraud at the polls? Snead’s nonsense editorial needs admission of being misleading at best and at worse, using the press to continue a very dangerously unfounded excuse to establish the need for voter suppression.

Mr. Snead, I challenge you to take your printed numbers and compare them with the number of votes that were cast and then give your readers the percentage of the voters who committed voter fraud. Your example of a flawed candidate only showed two illegal votes cast. The rest appeared to be honest vote cast by folks who were deceived. Shame on you and the BND.

Al King, Belleville