Letters to the Editor

Illinois might soon be known as “The Nevergreen State”

A recent family vacation road trip to New York City provided lots and lots of drive time to listen to the radio. Somewhere around Allentown, Pennslyvania we just happened to pick up a local talk show. The hosts were busy chatting about pending fiscal concerns in the Keystone State.

Their dialogue was pretty much going in one ear and out the other until they started qualifying their state’s dire financial straits by comparing it to the dismal situation in our fair state. They went on and on about not wanting Pennsylvania to end up like Illinois. They offered a long list of reasons why the Land of Lincoln is in the bad monetary shape it’s in.

It’s not necessary to go over their line-by-line explanations here. Most Illinois residents, past or present, are already saturated with that bad news information.

Speeding along at 70 mph, we were suddenly embarrassed to be driving a vehicle adorned front and back with Illinois license plates. It almost felt like every car with Pennsylvania plates that passed us by was pointing their finger and telling everyone within ear shot, “Look, they’re from Illinois, with worse finances even than us.”

The truth hurts. Washington is nicknamed the “The Evergreen State.” With our dollar woes Illinois will soon be known as “The Nevergreen State” if we don’t watch out.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon