Letters to the Editor

Let’s see your research

Stupid is not always without merit. Mr. Robke, I am curious about a few things. You seem to hate anyone who doesn’t vote a straight Democratic ticket. Is that right? You have researched the state of Kansas; you may be right about Kansas. Are you planning on moving there? You live in a county where I believe the people voted 75 percent for Donald Trump, and your county is doing pretty well even though there are some Democrats living in it. Let’s see your research on St. Clair and Cook counties. Then you can inform us “stupid people” on how well our state of Illinois has been doing for the last five decades. Just for the record, I would like to know if you in any way worked or earned a living off of the state of Illinois. It might help us stupid people know why you feel like you do. One more thing: I hope you, Lee Pitzer, Kevin Gagen and the rest of the name callers keep up the name calling because that will ensure another Republican president in the next federal election. The people are tired of the media giving “their” thoughts as news instead of giving the facts as they are. Good luck to you, Mr. Robke.

Robert E. Colston, Keyesport