Letters to the Editor

How many beautiful days in the neighborhood remain?

It’s been estimated that 95 million men, women and children perished in war or related deaths in the 20th century. (Strangely, over half by Stalin and Mao alone, yet we see no memorials or museums for those victims)

Here in our 21st century, 175,000 on the planet die daily with 8,000 more in America. Of those 175,000, a large portion will die of starvation, disease and civil war.

Some children born in refugee camps will live their entire lives in these camps. Millions in Communist gulags and prisons. Radical Islam torturing and murdering “infidels,” including children. Young girls taken into sexual slavery and/or disfigured. Many for their Christian faith. This is 95 percent of the planet. You know, those “other” people.

In perspective, consider those in our nation calling themselves the underprivledged 99 percenters – the Democratic Socialists of America, Black Lives Matter, the overprivledged America-hating college students with their Marxist professors, and the Antifa – rioting and burning the streets.

And if I may add, a nation nearly void of even basic morality, ... totally corrupt leaders, us in debt while providing well for themselves and their comrades, major cities turned into sewers, Americans thinking they deserve everything the government will provide, and worse – self-serving churches that fail to proclaim the full Gospel of Jesus Christ as not to offend the masses, or even the Body.

How many beautiful days in the neighborhood remain?

Donald Moeser, Freeburg