Letters to the Editor

Swansea trash program is best in the area

This letter is in response to Raffi Ovian’s editorial.

I can’t speak for everyone’s experience in Swansea, but I can tell you about our own.

Yes, it’s true that Swansea residents have to put one sticker on each 33-gallon container of trash, but not on recyclables. We can put out any amount of recyclables at NO COST. The more we recycle, the cheaper the cost of our trash pick-up.

My husband and I are avid recyclers (it feels good!). Besides recycling, I wrap and freeze my cooking scraps and store in our garage freezer until we are ready to put out a full 33-gallon container of trash. (Horrible, you think? Unless one is a vegetarian, one keeps animal meat in the freezer.) We can recycle an amazing list of items, and it usually takes my husband and I about three weeks to fill a 33-gallon container of non-recyclable trash and frozen food scraps. Our average total yearly trash bill is around $60. We use up very little landfill space compared to those who don’t wish to recycle, and are rewarded with a low bill.

Thank you, Swansea, for an excellent trash program. It is the best and fairest in the area.

Alice Mueller, Swansea