Letters to the Editor

God has never played favorites

Letter writer H. Ray Sigler said I could be redeemed by education if I believe in the One True God, represented by Judaism and Christianity. I’m sorry, Ray, but I choose to remain ignorant for the following reasons:

I don’t believe Jews and Christians are the only ones who worship the One True God. I believe the God worshiped by the Muslims and other religions is the same God we worship.

I don’t believe Islam is an evil religion instituted by Satan to destroy Christianity. It seems the other way around because throughout history; it’s been Christians leaving their homelands to destroy Muslims. Did Sigler forget the Crusades, the Gulf War, and today’s invasions of the Middle East?

I don’t believe God reserved the Middle East as the promise land for the Jews, even if esteemed Jewish leaders like Abraham and Moses said so, because God has never played favorites.

Contrary to Sigler and television minister John Hagee’s views, Judaism is not the same religion as Christianity because Christians believe Jesus Christ is their Savior, and Jews don’t. Confusion lies in trying to mix the two religious philosophies. Example: The Jewish Old Testament teaches “an eye for an eye.” With the advent of Jesus Christ, the New Testament teaches “turn the other cheek.” Christians should adhere only to the Old Testament where Christ’s teachings are not refuted, such as the Ten Commandments.

Frankie Seaberry, Centreville