Letters to the Editor

Investigating the fake TIME cover of Donald Trump

Recent Pulitzer prize-winning Washington Post reporter, David Fahrenthold, appears to have outdone himself. His most recent sleuthing has turned up a “fake” framed TIME magazine cover depicting Donald Trump. There are outrageous claims like “‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!” mingled in with the real headlines of the time.

Fahrenthold went to great lengths to analyze the print and confirm its lack of authenticity. The borders were wrong; the secondary headlines were in the wrong spot. The coup de grâce was a call to the magazine’s editors to confirm that Kate Winslet was featured on their March 1, 2009, edition. That Trump and Winslet look nothing alike was confirmed!

Conspiracy theories abound. Was this a Russian plant to inspire votes for Trump during the election?

Fingerprint analysis and carbon dating results are not in yet. Surveillance camera video from all 17 Trump golf clubhouses where the phony or similar framed magazine covers were displayed is still being reviewed.

The ultimate objective is to uncover video of a red-handed Donald Trump shamelessly hanging one or more these bogus frames.

Other questions remain. Did The Post’s cracker-jack staffers visit all 17 locations to thoroughly case those joints for clues? Will there be forthcoming Congressional subcommittee meetings? Will a special counsel need to be appointed to get to the bottom of this?

If only the past “Apprentice” contestant who is responsible for what started out as a relatively harmless charade would please step forward.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon