Letters to the Editor

Let the elected president get on with his job

I am so sick of Leonard Pitts Jr. and his racially motivated column. I truly believe he is looking forward to racial war in this country. Had enough of his biased and diseased mind and am considering not getting BND anymore until he is out of the paper. We all know he believes Barack Obama walks on water and did such a wonderful job for the country. Wake up, Lenny! He is as sick as Kathy Griffin holding a supposedly severed head of President Donald Trump or the group in New York who call themselves actors, portraying President Trump being stabbed to death by his Congress like Julius Caesar. That is as unpatriotic as ISIS! If this was done while Obama was on office, Pitts’ racial war dream would have come true! All I can say is, if the American flag offends you, I’ll help you pack your suitcase!

Enough of all this stupidity and witch hunts! Let the elected president get on with his job and make this country great again!

Myra Sewald, Mascoutah