Letters to the Editor

The press is supposed to observe and report news, not fabricate it

The original purpose of freedom of the press was to keep the government in check. Now it has become necessary to keep the press in check. The vile media are furious that President Donald Trump would have the nerve to question their journalistic integrity, all while they are trying to destroy his integrity. Who died and made the liberal press the almighty righteous gods of truth? Nobody. But you can’t fix stupid, so these days I totally disregard the words of liberal media.

These so called journalists are trying to create a media fueled coup to unseat a duly elected president because he has the gall to challenge their frequently false and inaccurate reporting. Simultaneously these morons with press credentials are totally ignoring substantial crimes and political corruption committed by top liberals.

Despite the viciousness of fake news, President Trump unwaveringly continues his crusade to make America great again. For him it’s not a slogan, it’s a pledge he made to the American people during his campaign, and it’s his mission to honor his promises. He’s not a politician; he’s not always politically correct. But President Trump is always putting Americans first. He will not allow the deceitful press to dictate how he should govern. Trump was elected president, not them. Their job is to observe and report the news, not fabricate it.

Gary Like, Highland