Letters to the Editor

Put your phone down for once

Are we letting Silicon Valley take control of our everyday lives? Can we part with our smartphones long enough to give our thumbs a rest? We sit across from each other in restaurants, our eyes looking down to watch what our thumbs are doing. Is this what we have become?

Today, you never see the paymaster or your boss. Paychecks are already in the bank, the deductions taken, the balances in checking accounts. Not one human in sight, not a word of any kind. Banks will soon disappear, no tellers, no mortgage or loan officer, no building, no humans, no more. Even your jobs may soon be no more.

Languages are being eroded; a new dictionary is born. See you later = syl. Give me a call = gmac. Educational institutions have jumped on the technology bandwagon, selling Silicon Valley to our children. They no longer teach cursive writing, letter writing is becoming a lost art, and soon we will have lost our last ounce of privacy.

This love affair with technology is degrading to human society. Some of us can’t even go to the bathroom without the smartphone. Maybe it’s time to look that girl across the table in the eyes, put your hands on the table and see what you’ve been missing. You both know how to talk ... or do you?

Stop spending time, money and research on improving the smartphone. Start spending on our environment, our resources, people in our society. It’s time to get smart. People matter.

James E. Saffel Sr., Mascoutah