Letters to the Editor

Until the playing field has been leveled, I will not be satisfied

Tsk! Tsk! Shame on letter writer Connie Myers for her unwillingness to participate in paying me reparation plus interest for the unpaid slave labor of my ancestors. So what if her ancestors came here after slavery? Doesn’t she realize they enjoyed the fruits of a country that had already greatly increased its wealth because of the slave industry? I doubt if her ancestors would’ve migrated to a poor country.

Myers also said the research of her husband’s father showed they didn’t own slaves. That’s understandable since the majority of southerners didn’t own slaves. That’s why it’s mind-boggling that this majority would condone a civil war, where so many died, in order to protest the institution of slavery for planters.

I’d like to know why those who have hallucinating fits when black people ask for reparation, never say a mumbling word about the reparations given to the Japanese, the Jews, and various Indian tribes.

Myers suggested I not be a prisoner of my past. Believe me, I’m not, because having wonderful parents, good mentors, both black and white, my past and present have been wonderful. But until the playing field has been leveled for those who haven’t had an ideal life, I will not be satisfied.

My response to Myers, who asked about her reparation since she’s part Indian, is that I’m truly willing to give her reparation, because the Indians haven’t been treated the least bit fairly.

Frankie Seaberry, Centreville