Letters to the Editor

What American isn’t disgusted by human trafficking?

I’m responding to a BND guest editorial published on July 19 and written by U.S. Rep. Mike Bost.

Bost says that it makes him “sick to his stomach” to think of sexual/human trafficking. What American doesn’t grow sick with disgust and anger at this thought? And I felt patronized when he wrote that we in Southern Illinois were not aware of the extent of human trafficking. Anyone who watches TV, and most of us do, are well aware of the extent of human trafficking.

Then he goes on to report on the legislation he supported to deter this heinous crime. I don’t know a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent or a Libertarian that wouldn’t support well written legislation on this issue. Where’s the leadership?

Bost is a bust. Anybody but Bost.

Jesse Arms, Belleville