Letters to the Editor

The Paris agreement is a paper tiger with no teeth

My thanks to Ronald Trimmer for the extended quote from John Kerry on CO2 emissions as it only goes to prove my point. As Kerry himself had conceded, a reduction to zero carbon output by the industrialized nations will not be enough to influence any alleged climate change as 60 zero of greenhouse gases are being produced by developing nations.

And yet the US is cast as the villain who must mend it’s ways, most notably by complying with the Paris Climate Accord. Curiously the Accord is worded in such a way that only the US for now must comply with other industrial nations to follow suit later and with no consequences to any signatory nation (like China and India) for noncompliance. In other words the Paris agreement is a paper tiger with no teeth.

And what does the US get out of this? Thousands of factories are projected to close and those that remain open will be burdened with a carbon tax. Remember how gleeful Obama was at the prospect of bankrupting the coal industry? Perhaps it is a consolation that China continues to burn Southern Illinois coal.

Mark Godwin, Lebanon