Letters to the Editor

My ‘disrespect’ of president is totally appropriate

I am charged by a fellow retired officer, Lt. Colonel Phil Henning, with the heinous crime of disrespect to our president. I consider my “disrespect” to be totally appropriate in view of the disgraceful conduct of this president. He has sullied and degraded the office of president in the past six months as no other president has done in their entire terms. As to my charging this president with a gross security violation, I was of the opinion that fact was well established.

The president has frequently tweeted vulgar and crude remarks to journalists who have criticized him. To do so is far beneath the expected conduct of a president. All presidents are continually criticized, but in the past they have all accepted this as coming with the office, and have thus maintained its dignity. This president has also lied on many occasions and frequently changes his position on any and all subjects.

Henning then seems to question my qualifications as an officer by stating, “I am not sure if Col. Pitzer ever was a commander.”

To put Henning’s concern to rest, I commanded three squadrons, one after another, at three locations including overseas, for a total of six years. Henning then goes on to complement Col. Bill Malec for his “cogent and respectful points.” The only problem with that assessment of Malec is that he is of a right wing persuasion so he will not criticize Donald Trump no matter how outrageous his conduct.

Col. Lee R. Pitzer, retired United States Air Force, O’Fallon