Letters to the Editor

Curious about a Collinsville politicians, Brombolich

I’m just curious about a few things: Cheryl Brombolich and Collinsville politicians. Brombolich has been in politics for a long time and thought it was alright for her to use credit cards that taxpayers are responsible for. Does she have all of the receipts from paying back the taxpayers? If you had the money personally, why use the taxpayers’ card? Have you also paid the sales tax you would have had to pay? If not, why not? The citizens of Collinsville have to pay sales tax on everything they buy.

Dear Collinsville politicians, why in the world did you give a person $200,000 of taxpayer money to someone for breaking the law? Maybe someone knows some things about other politicians — just a thought. By the way, all of you can sue me, and I promise I will not settle out of court.

Robert Colston, Keyesport