Letters to the Editor

People claim the ACA is working, but it’s not

To writer David Busse, you want to claim like many that the ACA is working, but it’s not; many states only have one company for people to get policies from, and others have two to three, if that many. The ACA started out with 23 co-ops, and now has maybe two or three; many are now paying twice to three times as much for their premiums then they were. How is that working? It is slowly failing; there is at least one company that is going to be pulling out altogether by next year. Oh yeah, it’s working great.

Republican’s did nothing; it’s failing on it’s own. The companies have left because they were losing money. It’s hard to stay in business when you lose money. Would you stay in business long if you lost money?

Just because you and many others want to claim, ‘Oh, it’s working just fine because now there are millions of people who have health care that didn’t have it before.” For now that is true, but what about down the road? Will they be able to keep their policy?

What about the promise of being able to keep our policies and doctor? Neither one happened.

With companies leaving ACA here and there because they are losing money, soon there will be no companies to choose from in any state, because of losing money. This law is failing on it’s own; Republicans don’t need to do anything.

Lori Felts, Worden