Letters to the Editor

Democrats, Republicans are basically one and the same

I read these letters from either pro-Democrat or pro-Republican, bashing one another over party ideology. You know the hardcore believers. I would like to let these people know these two parties are basically one and the same. The only thing these people are fighting for is the biggest piece of the lobbyist pie, and this is on a national, state (you know Illinois) and local level. So whatever party is in power gets the biggest piece. The other party survives on the crumbs until they fight their way back into power.

Legislation in this country is suggested for the most part on behalf of and then pushed by powerful lobbyist, by the way their offices are steps away from the capital. I guarantee you more legislative discussions and decisions takes place at that office than in the halls of Congress. Well, you can throw in a few fancy restaurants, golf courses, and some nice spa resorts as some favorite meeting places to do “the peoples work.” I guess what I’m saying voters are only on their minds when it’s election time.

We have to start voting these entrenched politicians out and limit lobbyist accessibility to politicians. A bright spot is we did elect a non-politician for president, but not quite the right person he does not have the temperament, but at least people are thinking outside the established box.

Douglas Shelton, Belleville