Letters to the Editor

Pitts deserves his Pulitzer and a place on the editorial page

Before I begin let me just give a little background: I am white, proud of my Irish/German/French heritage and I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960s. I had a front row seat to watching a perfectly good city filled with decent people all but destroy itself over the race issue. (The 16th Street Church bombing was less than seven miles from my front door.) I have also read Leonard Pitts, Jr. since the days following 9-11. In those 16 years I have found him to be fair, eloquent and about as even-handed as one can be the race issue. His column reflects a dignity and restraint that I wish to God our president would copy! The man deserves the Pulitzer Prize he won and a place on the editorial page of whatever newspaper is lucky enough to have him.

Catherine Stoltz, Belleville