Letters to the Editor

No self-exemptions from Congress on health care

Our elected “employees” in Washington agree that they hate the existing health care system but can’t agree on how to make it better. I don’t really care what they do with the existing system or how they change it. However, as a voter and military veteran, I’m getting pretty tired of seeing my “employees” exempting themselves from their own legislation. If it’s good enough for everyone else, then it’s good enough for our legislators too! I propose that, whatever they finally agree on, it include a mandate that all legislators must dis-enroll from the congressional “Cadillac” plan and enroll in the new plan. If I were buying a used car and the salesman told me, “This is a great car for you!” I’d ask him if he’d put his wife and family in that car. If his honest response is “Heck no!” then I know that I’m being sold a piece of junk! Ditto for legislation that affects everyone except the people who write and pass it! If my congressman is willing to propose a health plan that he would never enroll himself or his family in, then it’s a piece of junk! If they’re confident in the plan, then let them enroll in it along with everyone else! Write or call your representatives and tell them no self-exemptions!

J. L. Hickman, Fairview Heights