Letters to the Editor

I didn’t vote for this. Did you?

Any mention of Republican racism causes conservatives to drag old Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd from his grave to bolster their defense of Republican racism. Yes, Byrd was a KKK member in the 1940s and 50s. After the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed, most racists fled the Democratic Party and went over to the Republicans, where they reside today.

Byrd remained a Democrat, changed his ways and became an advocate for civil rights. That is more than can be said about the Republican Party that tolerates, condones and embraces racism and white supremacy within their ranks to this day, while claiming to be the pro-life, Christian party. What a joke!

Regarding terror attacks, have you noticed how right wing, white supremacist terrorists like Jeremy Christian and Dylann Roof are conveniently labeled by conservatives as being mentally ill?

An uninformed conservative recently chastised me for pointing out the failed Republican tax cut experiment in Kansas. He went on to blame me and the Democrats for Illinois’ financial mess. This individual probably voted for Governors James Thompson, Jim Edgar and George Ryan, who gave away Illinois financial future with several pension and retirement giveaways. He probably also voted for president George W. Bush, who caused Illinois billions of dollars in revenue loss with his “voodoo economics” tax cuts. Federal tax cuts directly affect Illinois revenue. Google it.

I didn’t vote for these pension, retirement and revenue giveaways. Did you?

Gene Robke, Carlyle