Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Aug. 3

I can’t wait to vote for Donald Trump again

Lee Pitzer (apparently a former colonel in the Air Force) said in a recent letter he considers his extreme disrespect for President Donald Trump “to be totally appropriate in view of the disgraceful conduct of this president. He has sullied and degraded the office of president in the past six months as no other president has done in their entire terms.”

Imagine that, a married president with his pants down receiving oral sex in the Oval Office from a young intern while on duty as commander in chief is less degrading. I hope Pitzer’s morals, ethics and values in the Air Force were not equal too, or guided by Bill Clinton. I tell ya, the moral compass of the left is anywhere from twisted to perverted.

I voted for Trump based on his experience, knowledge, ideas and believability. He’s done a great job so far in spite of the hallucinations and obstruction of liberals and the lap dog media. His actions are based on what is good for Americans, not political correctness. I can’t wait to vote for him again.

Gary Like, Highland

We’ll find out soon enough if Obamacare is truly ‘failing’

Friend and letter writer David Busse reports that Obamacare is alive and well. His recent letter blamed the perceived terminal ills of the ACA on “wishful thinking and fake news” by Republicans.

Busse forgets past false promises from Democrats like, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” and “You can keep your doctor,” uttered by the plan’s namesake. The Obama White House also said that the ACA would “curb excessive premium growth for ... millions of Americans.”

Over the past seven years the non-profit Kaiser Family Foundation has conducted ACA surveys. Only just recently did the majority of Americans (51 percent) view the ACA in positive terms. Considering the timing as it relates to the Senate’s healthcare proposal, it could be less a validation of Obamacare as a “thumbs down” to Republican proposals.

The Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the insurance exchanges indicated that the market would “probably be stable in most areas.” However, if you’re in an underserved area it would cause a major health and financial challenges. The CBO also predicted that in 2016 there would be 23 million getting policies through the exchanges and the actual number turned out to be 10.4 million during the first half of the year.

One thing is certain: If the Republican-led Senate and House don’t get their collective act together and come up with a suitable alternative to the ACA then we’ll all find out soon enough if Obamacare is truly “failing.”

Bill Malec, O’Fallon

Democracy and socialism are twins

The progressive movement created the modern income tax under President Woodrow Wilson, who saw America as a democracy rather than what it is: a republic. The distinction is not subtle, and our founders were clear in the belief that a democracy always led to mob rule. Democracy and socialism are twins. The people felt that if someone or some group made too much, they could level the playing field with taxes. The tax code has never really been about raising revenue as much a it is about punishing opponents, helping friends, or as Barack Obama said, “instituting a system of fairness.”

If we were required to pay our taxes in terms of labor instead of money, we would have put an end to this wild spending a long time ago.

Example: If a roofer, carpenter, plumber, were required to work on 20 new homes instead of paying taxes, or a car mechanic were forced to repair 50 cars as his debt to the government. We would have rebelled long ago. But common sense tells us that they are one and the same. Time is money. This would take away the ability of Congress to bribe or punish companies by using the tax code.

John Schrand, Belleville

Let’s face it — we have a pure idiot for a president

Three cheers and high five to Lee Pitzer, of O’Fallon. Pitzer presented a clear and well thought out defense of common sense. It used to be people would seek the most qualified man or woman for a job.

Let’s face it, people — we have got a pure idiot for a president! From his comment about Fredrick Douglas “doing a great job!” (Man has been dead for over 100 years!), to disregarding the military service of transgender forces — Trump has demonstrated a complete lack of knowledge of history, intelligence and common sense. He makes a laughing stock of ethics. Any chance we can impeach this guy?

Catherine Stoltz, Belleville

Trump the worst president to have ever won election

Les Harris charges me with “hating Trump,” which is not true. I believe he’s probably the worst candidate to have ever seriously run for president and undoubtedly the worst to have ever won. Harris then castigates me for not crediting Trump with his accomplishments, as if there were any. Harris follows up with my not crediting Trump for “working hard,” as if weekends in New York or in Florida playing golf counts as work. Trump is on track in one year to have done more weekend traveling than Barack Obama did in eight years.

Harris concludes his harangue with supposed Trump “accomplishments” that were actually the result of Obama administration policies or simply not true. In the latter category is Harris’ false belief that “World respect for the U.S. has increased substantially.” In fact, we are now ridiculed in Europe, along with a lot of snickering there and elsewhere at Trump’s foolish statements and tweets.

I was a Republican for 50 years until George W. Bush decided, without sufficient intelligence justification, to invade Iraq. That ill-advised decision caused the deaths of 4,500 American service personnel, with 25,000 wounded, many of whom will be cripples for the rest of their lives. By the time the last veteran of that “adventure” has died our nations total cost of the escapade will be over $1 trillion, a huge number, and all that we accomplished was removing a dictator. The world has many dictators.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon

We need zero emissions and to remove some of the carbon in the air

I am going to make Mark Godwin’s day. James Hansen former NASA/GSFC director said that if all nations go to zero emissions it will not be enough. By the time we get to zero emissions there will already too much carbon in the air to halt global warming. We need to get to zero emissions and remove some of the carbon that is in the air. We can do that.

However, all countries must keep their word and meet their Paris goals. China is ahead of schedule in meeting its goals. China is not saying if the U.S. is not going to meet their goals then we aren’t either. The consequence for noncompliance is an unstable climate for everyone including Mark Godwin.

I suggest Mr. Godwin check out libertarian Jerry Taylor. Taylor worked for the Cato Institute denying climate change. Taylor read the research and changed his mind.

Ronald G. Trimmer, chapter chair of Southern Illinois Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby