Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Aug. 4

There is something wrong with the American justice system

July 28’s front page read “Man gets 7 years in DUI crash that killed roller derby mom.” The Illinois state trooper that killed two teenage sisters while going over 130 miles per hour, responding to an accident that had already been taken care of, texting fellow officers and talking to his girlfriend at the same time, received no jail time.

Folks like to respond to other letter writers. Perhaps someone could respond to this since in my opinion there is something definitely wrong with the justice system in this country.

David Eisele, Fairview Heights

We need to stop supporting bloodsucking landlords

The American citizens are often told the U.S. government spends too much tax money on economically unproductivity.

This sort of thinking is being used in recent months to justify cutting the health insurance provisions provided by the Affordable Care Act, cut federal education funding, and cut federal affordable housing programs. However, citizens rarely hear about how much the military-industrial complex extracts from the American taxpayer.

The military-industrial complex extracts large rents from citizens. Economics writer Mike Konczal wrote on the difference between profits and rents. Profits are earned from the sale of services and goods while rents are extracted by entities that hold monopoly rights or something close to it. Those who own rental property and toll bridges collect recurring fees rather than sell goods and services to a variety of customers. They earn cash even if they are completely passive. They are sometimes called “rentiers” and they are not true entrepreneurial capitalists who need to keep ahead of the competition.

Defense contractors are rentiers. They have one customer — the government. While we’re told that fast food and retail workers shouldn’t be paid a living wage, our tax money is used to subsidize the outrageous salaries of people like Raytheon CEO Thomas Kennedy who made $20.4 million in 2015. In 2014, Lockheed Martin — a company that received 78 percent of its budget from the federal government — paid its CEO $29 million! It’s time we support productivity and not bloodsucking landlords!

Jason Sibert, Peace Economy Project, St Louis

John McCain deserves a lot more respect from our president

To use the president’s favorite words: “It’s a sad day when our representatives and congressmen can’t agree on anything.”

All this vulgar talk on national TV. It’s a very sad day when an American prisoner of war is called a coward! John McCain deserved a lot more respect from our president.

When you have not served a day in the military or even the Boy Scouts! You have no right to talk about a POW!

These people making comments like these should put on a uniform and go serve their country!

I wonder if our president will listen to all of the people and not just the hotheads.

We are the laughingstock of the world now!

Robert Kirkland Jr., O’Fallon

Is man free if he is dependent on another man for his human needs?

The cost of “help from the government” is ... Dependency disguised as “help from the government.”

People, not policies, protocols, or socialist pogroms, help people.

How come we rarely hear about the most effective, abundant, and obvious source of help – charity?

Admittedly man is imperfect; however, if man can’t be counted on to help his neighbor, but must be forced (i.e. taxed) to do so by a governmental Leviathan, then does man deserve freedom?

Is man free if he is forced (i.e. taxed) to work for another man’s food, clothes, shelter, or healthcare? Abraham Lincoln called this the most tyrannical principle. “You work and toil and earn bread and I’ll eat it.”

Is man free if he is dependent on another man for his human needs? James Madison, father of our Constitution, stated, “Power over a man’s subsistence is power over a man’s will.”

Charity can’t be taxed and redistributed, but only encouraged by personal example as any parent soon learns after the frustration of trying to force their child to share.

Governmental “help” in college education, child care, and health care are three glaring examples of their costs rising spectacularly greater than the rate of inflation.

Those advocating for “help from the government” would be wise to look at Little Venice (Venezuela), once the most prosperous nation in Latin America, and to heed Thomas Jefferson, “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

Dan Bruzzini, St. Louis

You support war, but don’t want to serve your country

“The United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. military,” per President Donald Trump. The Rand Corp estimates 1,320 to 6,630 transgender people currently serve in the United States military per foxnews.com articles.

The 1,320 (using the lowest number from above) service members will probably be immediately discharged if President Trump’s order is validated even though the service members are currently serving honorably in the U.S. military. Discharging honorably serving military personnel in an all-volunteer military at a time of military build-up is ludicrous. However, if discharges occur, that leaves 1,320 open positions to fill. How should the 1,320 open positions be filled?

I suggest President Trump order his three never-served oldest children and his never-served son-in-law to enlist. That leaves 1,316 positions left to fill. Head to your local military recruiter and enlist in order to fill the potentially needed military positions if you are a red “Make America Great Again” hat-wearing worshiper of Sean Hannity/Rush Limbaugh/Todd Starnes and never served in the U.S. military but consider yourself a patriotic American and agree with President Trump’s policy.

Come on, hypocrite snowflakes! Leave your safe spaces. You supported the Gulf Wars, but didn’t want you or anyone in your family to actually participate in the wars. If you’ve never served in the U.S. military and you’re still yelling “lock her up,” how ‘bout you lock down your boot camp reporting date to finally serve the citizens of the United States of America.

Arthur Sheridan, Swansea

The persecution for faking cancer

Persecution for faking cancer is hypocritically justified. Let the true profiteers in the medical field cast the first stone.

Thomas L. Ripley, Belleville

Back in the good old days

In the early 1970s we lived by a beautiful lake on Peterson Lane in Belleville.

Local residents became acquainted while fishing and relaxing after a hard workweek.

I remember ice skating under the stars on a cold winter’s night, while local boys built a bonfire.

Not only did humans enjoy the tree-lined lake, but animals did also. I wonder where they are now that their habitat is gone.

The lake has been drained and the vegetation is wildly overgrown.

What a difference in then and now.

There was a place much like Camelot.

JoAnn Gideon, Belleville