Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editors for Aug. 5

Trump only promised things to get elected

Every day there is another story coming from the White House, and it appears that Donald Trump does not understand his oath of office to defend the Constitution of the United States. It appears that he only cares about himself and all of his promises to the American people were just promises to be elected and broken that includes Medicaid. I sure hope that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives who are afraid of the Donald can in their responsibilities see fit to impeach him for the obstruction of the Constitution and remove him from office.

James J. Harrigan, Waterloo

Every one of them should be voted out of office

Glenda Harris’ letter to the BND on July 16 has so many mistakes, it is hard to figure out where to start. I will do my best to correct the most important items in her letter.

Harris is happy that she is finally getting a 67 percent tax increase. However, she is quite upset that Gov. Bruce Rauner delayed the tax increase while he was trying to cut costs and reduce her tax bill.

Credit ratings don’t go down because governors try to reduce the cost of operating a state; ask Speaker Mike Madigan. He will tell you that credit ratings go down because speakers spend far in excess of the budget.

Collective bargaining is not a constitutional right. However, every American has the right to work with or without it. All of the states surrounding Illinois have Right to Work laws, and people leave Illinois is large numbers to relocate to Right to Work states because those states have better job opportunities.

The incompetent Republicans who voted against Rauner are too stupid to understand the disastrous financial condition they helped put Illinois in. Every one of them should be voted out of office. Harris will spend the rest of her life paying for these problems (i.e., unfunded pensions, etc.).

What kind of governor is Rauner? He is courageous and intelligent enough to understand the serious damage Speaker Madigan and the Democrat Party are doing to the economic future of all Illinois citizens, including Glenda Harris.

Joe Fairbanks, Fairview Heights

Are you for America as we knew it?

There is a lot of work to be done to return America to her founding roots.

As history will teach us, the first government established by our Founding Fathers was under the Articles of Confederation, which was the weakest possible form of national government. Why? Because they recognized that having no government meant anarchy, but they also knew that government was a living “creature” that would seek to grow in power at the expense of personal freedoms. Their compromise was to give America the leanest form possible, and grow from there. It didn’t work; the government was too weak, so 35 men met and hammered out the Constitution of the United States.

Is it any wonder the “deep state” that we are now battling wants anarchy, or no government, so they can skirt the Constitution and take over and have a government like Cuba, Russia, and China. They want to swell the economic crisis, because hunger and fear always triggers a stampede to security, (total government).

Are you for America as we knew it? Fight the deep state takeover.

John Schrand, Belleville

‘I thought it would be easier’

So I decided in April to put in tomato plants. For $4 I obtained 12 plants. Since July 5, we have had more tomatoes than we can consume or give away.

As they piled up I decided I would do what Mom did: can them. After spending about $50 for canning supplies and watching about an hour of YouTube videos on how to can tomatoes, with two pages of note taking, I was ready to can. My wife declined to assist, or provide advice, as she pleaded the experience of canning with her mother convinced her it was not an activity she cared to repeat. I was not put off by this negative viewpoint and was certain it could be done with little difficulty.

The steps in order are wash the tomatoes, cut out the core then place them in almost boiling water for 45 seconds but how do you know which were the first in? From the boil they go into a tub of ice water, which allows the skins to be peeled off, but that takes time and is quite laborious. The product is then cut into sections and stuffed into quart jars until full. Six jars go into a large tub of boiling water for 45 minutes. Hopefully the jars are now sealed and all bacteria have been killed. At this point I felt like Donald Trump when three weeks into his presidency he said: “I thought it would be easier!”

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon

Let them make it on their own

I read in the BND that some of the black people think they should receive reparation plus interest because of ancestry slavery. I say no, no, hell no. When is the race card, the give-me-freebies, quota hiring, putting blacks at the front of the line crap going to stop?

Enough of this race preference crap. If the blacks can’t get the slave and slave owner crap out of their systems (it happened a long time ago) and try to get along, then let them get their reparation from the people that caused their problem in the first place.

The people that caused their problem are the blacks in Africa that sold their young into slavery, the African slave traders and the European shippers that shipped them all over the world.

Instead of getting their reparation from the people at fault, I guess it’s easier to make an excuse so they can mob protest, burn property, steal everything in sight, damage everything, hurt and kill. The government should stop violence like that, even if troops are needed and used.

Take Ferguson for instance. The troublemaker was a gang member that caused all the crap there. His parents got millions and they shouldn’t have. Who are the people that lost everything (and it wasn’t their fault) going to get their reparation from?

It’s past time to stop appeasing the blacks. Let them do like the whites, make it on their own. They can’t be minorities; they are everywhere.

Terry Hunt, Trenton

I won’t charge any interest

Another letter from Frankie Seaberry, another solicitation for money. She thinks us privileged white people owe reparations plus interest regardless if our ancestors arrived here after slavery because we are “enjoying the fruits of slave labor.” Under that theory blacks today are also having a good time off slave labor; that includes Seaberry.

I wonder, maybe the ancestors of slaves owe us? After all, if not for their ancestors being kidnapped and sold into slavery by their own countrymen, today’s ancestors wouldn’t be Americans they’d be native Africans. From what I’m aware of, the quality of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in Africa can’t compare to the good ole USA. Unlike Seaberry though, I won’t charge any interest.

Gary Like, Highland

Form cogent thoughts next time

I normally enjoy reading letter writer Tom Whittey’s little witticisms. I was disappointed to find his latest letter, involving Viagra, LGBTQ, Cheeto, Donny, and soldiers to be more of the half-witty variety.

I suggest that Whittey work to string together a few sentences to form a cogent thought or two that the readership can understand without a cheat sheet. Short is not always sweet and can yield a failure to communicate. Using Whittey’s words that should eliminate, “So, let me see if I understand this ...” for the readers.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon