Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Aug. 6

Anne Jordan was a jewel in the metro-east and beyond

This letter is written as a tribute to Anne E. Jordan, who died recently. She was the publisher of the East St. Louis Monitor newspaper. Her life is historically significant because there are few women publishers and because black newspapers chronicle the lives and activities of black people even when the daily press does not. Anne Jordan and her late husband, Monitor founder Clyde Jordan, were important, successful members of the much-needed black press. In fact, I once wrote for the Monitor and several other black weekly newspapers. Anne Jordan was significant in my own life at personal, social and professional levels. She and I were friends.

Anne Jordan, a good-looking woman, had elegant qualities beyond her good looks. She was a loving mother of three generations of offspring, including son and Monitor editor-manager Frazier Garner and my precious Delta Sigma Theta sorority sister Charlotte Edwards and my dear “Fashionista-Neiman-Marcus” friend Jennifer Malone. I admired Anne Jordan because she handled set-backs with quiet dignity; and successes, such as her award by the Top Ladies of Distinction organization, with gratitude and graciousness. Anne was meticulous, but unassuming. Anne Jordan was a jewel in the metro-east and beyond. May she rest in peace. I extend sympathy to her personal family as well as to the East St. Louis Monitor newspaper family.

Katie H. Wright, East St. Louis

There are other ways to reach out to constituents

I’ve read the letters criticizing Congressman Mike Bost for not holding more town hall meetings, but opting for tele-town halls, which by the way, in his last call, reached 85,000 constituents. Liberal activists appear outraged that they can’t yell and scream at him while waving mostly professionally made signs over the proposed Obamacare health care replacement bill. My research showed that in 2009 Congressman Jerry Costello opted to suspend town hall meetings, as did Sen. Richard Durbin. According to reports, he was being lambasted as well and felt it was more effective to reach out to the 12th District constituents in other ways. As a Republican, I can attest that Congressman Costello was an effective congressman and like Congressman Bost, did not need to be yelled and screamed at. There are plenty of effective and reasonable ways to communicate your opinion. Blocking office entrances and disrupting field operations isn’t the way to convince others of your viewpoint. Also, I’ve found Congressman Bost’s constituent services excellent, especially in the areas of veteran’s assistance, issues concerning our riverways and re-energizing our Illinois coal industry. Please note that I was not asked to write this letter by any official.

Phil Henning, Smithton

Nobody has control over how anybody votes

With Gene Robke’s recent “I didn’t vote for this. Did you?” he wrote of Sen. Robert Byrd being mentioned by “conservatives.” Therefore, since I used Sen. Byrd to reply to one of Robke’s letters recently, I assume he’s addressing me. I am, however, naming names. It is Robke who implied that Rep. Steve Scalise was a white supremacist sympathizer because he spoke to one of their groups. To put that in context, Rep. Scalise spoke to them on current legislation that was before Congress. It is in that context, that I raised his actions were a far cry from Sen. Byrd actually becoming a member of the KKK. Rep. Scalise did state he regretted speaking to the group.

Robke goes further writing that “most racist” shifted their vote, support, to Republicans after the 1964 Civil Rights Act. First, if it hadn’t been for Republicans, the 1964 Civil Rights Act wouldn’t have passed. Second, nobody has control over how anybody votes. And if white supremacists do vote Republican, that doesn’t reveal that the RNC or conservatives support their racist views. Third, Byrd ended paying dues to the KKK in 1943, but continued sharing their views for decades afterward. He filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act, opposed the nominations of two African-American Supreme Court justices – Thurgood Marshall (Liberal) and Clarence Thomas (Conservative) and in a interview with Tony Snow, in 2001, he used the term “white (expletive)” twice. This was an individual revered in the Democrat Party.

More to come on radical-left violence...

Russell C. Fette, Collinsville

If you have no respect for America, pack up and leave

Eight years in office has been a betrayal to the flag, the pledge, the anthem, the Constitution, our country, the people, Christian beliefs and the faith. Without honor, take the blame for your exit.

We the people expected a president that would rule, without claiming all was his. This country does hot belong to you, Hillary, Quin or Josh Ernst and NBC-MSNBC. This division has to be stopped. Not the Republicans’ fault, and there will be a recovery.

The Constitution was the law. The Constitution is the law. They flag will wave again. McCoy will wave our flag. That is victory.

Go cry all you want, you’re the blame and the trillions of dollars will have to be returned to the people.

None of you are any better than any other. No example for this country. No example as a citizen, if you are a citizen.

Those of you that have no respect for the American way of life and our country, go pack up, get out of the way of the deplorables and allow our government a recovery. There is nothing wrong with being correct.

Get back to the fundamentals. Get back to God’s presence; He is there for us. Save the U.S.A. and Israel.

Betty Storll, Edwardsville

Contraception is a mortal sin similar to murder

Catholics either no longer know that contraception is a mortal sin similar to murder, or they don’t care or fear God’s judgment. How can the Church hierarchy not see that it is their failure to teach the infallible precepts of Casti Connubi and Humane Vitae that has led us to this serious if not hopeless situation. It has provided a sharp division, a split with the teaching of God. They and the people no longer believe there is a God so there is no need to serve Him; that is obvious to all concerned because the people are allowed to hold God in their hand.

They know it is a mortal sin to prevent one of God’s children from being born, because the teaching of the Church has not changed, just the teachers have changed. They are either cowards and afraid to teach the truth or do not intentionally.

The most horrendous reason is that they do not know it is a mortal sin to use contraception because the bishops and priests have been inclined to be silent or hostile to instruct them of the evils of contraception, which in reality is a grave dereliction of their mission here on earth to teach the deposit of Faith in all its fullness. There are consequences for not complying with the word of God.

Lee Harris, Belleville