Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on politicians hiding from voters

Madigan love fest

I’ve read many BND letters and Sound-Offs from jilted constituents that can’t seem to get in touch with their representation — specifically Mike Bost. Perhaps you’d all be so kind as to share your experiences getting ahold of Mel Price, Jerry Costello and Bill Enyart over the last, say, century? They were there to take your barbs, arrows and threats any time you wanted to spout off, right? And Bost hides out because he’s scared? Could it be as simple as you’re all just bitter, motivated, and paid party hacks? How about this: Get your hero Madigan to show up at Lindenwood on West Main for a town hall. That’d be a regular love fest, huh?

Time to travel

Millennial Bost-hater and Democratic paid rabble-rouser Russell asks: “How do you share concerns with a representative who won’t hear them?” If you really want to talk to him, get out of the recliner, buy a plane ticket, go to D.C. and look him up. You can tell him you’re a Democrat, didn’t vote for him, won’t vote for him, why won’t he just go away and let Democrats run Southern Illinois like they run the rest of the blue states. No doubt you have the free time to do it.

No blue speech

Democrats are foregoing the decades-long tradition of giving speeches at the Illinois State Fair. The cowardly Democrats don’t have the nerve to face Illinois voters and explain why they increased state taxes by 32 percent? They don’t have the nerve to explain why Illinois’s fiscal destruction continues to get worse under their leadership. Instead, the Democrats huddle in private fundraisers, trying to figure out how put a positive spin on the dying Democratically controlled state, and why Democrats punished the middle-class with higher state taxes.

Collinsville bills, taxes

Watching the Collinsville City Council meeting Monday night was like watching a parade of slum landlords complaining about having to pay delinquent water bills. All of them stated they have trouble collecting the rent and now collecting the water bill would be just wrong. They would rather put it on the backs of the taxpaying residents of Collinsville. They own the property, so be responsible for it. A couple days later, there was a letter to the editor from Bob Despain of Collinsville complaining about the Collinsville mayor taking his exemption on his property tax for being a disabled veteran. Despain says nothing about taking the senior citizen exemption on his property tax. Miller at least fought for his country.

Degree dilution

From a concerned educator who cannot speak up: Over the years, the requirements to achieve a college degree have been diluted and the bar has been lowered. In the past, a high school diploma and an associate college degree required a total of six years of study. Now, students can get dual credits for the same courses, which allows them to receive the high school diploma and associate degree in just four years. Since advanced degrees build upon lower degrees, receiving dual credit for courses diminishes the worth of college degrees.

Three OD’s, you’re out

Why do we enable drug users by utilizing Narcan without limits? I think that after the third time someone overdoses, don’t use the Narcan to bring them back. We need to start using tough love and stop enabling the drug users to pursue their dangerous lifestyles.

Holey Church Street

Has anyone driven down Church Street in Belleville lately? It is like driving across an old washboard. It has been patched and re-patched. Sadly, this is how most streets in Belleville are unless you live on a street with one of the elite politicians. These are the same city leaders who decided we can give TIF money to anyone who walks in the door but can’t spend money to provide better city services or fix our streets. Take a hard look at our leadership from the mayor on down. It’s time for new, fresh faces who have progressive ideas and are not associated with the Good Government Party. These officials do not serve the public they claim the represent, rather the interest of the elite. Not convinced? Drive down a street in O’Fallon or Shiloh sometime. Then, remember Church Street.

Miles Davis house

Thank you, Lauren Parks, for undertaking the awesome task of renovating the Miles Davis home — legally and proudly. East St. Louisians should feel especially proud that we have something to add to our City of Champions. We commend you for your determination and courage. We can invite everyone to our city to see our international, historic, informational and enjoyable tourist attraction. Congratulations, Lauren. You deserve our commendation.

Parks to the rescue

Did Edith Moore know the financial situation of the East St. Louis Township since she was there last year? She and the township clerk have been in trouble several times. Of course, we know nothing will happen. Thank God that Alvin Parks has courage, honesty and is hard-working. We need him.

Shame to go around

I was saddened to read about the chaos going on at the East St. Louis Township. But I shouldn’t be surprised or saddened. Like everything else in East St. Louis, it’s a mess. One of the trustee members, Edith Moore, said that she dropped her head in shame over the behavior of Alvin Parks, township supervisor. Did she forget — she’s sitting on the board and facing a charge of forgery.

Cartoon got it wrong

The caricature by Glenn McCoy about Alvin Parks is completely incorrect. That was partially what the problem was with Edith Moore, Scott Randolph and Rico Moore, who tried to hire over 15 new people when the money wasn’t there. Parks is the one who is trying to be fiscally responsible with a frugal budget. Check your facts, Glenn, before you express them.

Political payday

It’s time to stop crowing about Republicans controlling the executive and legislative branches, specifically the so-called 52-48 majority in the Senate. Democrats hold a precious 51-49 majority with closet Democrats McCain, Collins and Murkowski. If you want to believe that the Trump administration is not accomplishing anything, go ahead. It fits nicely, doesn’t it. Republicans have the executive branch and the House, Dems have the Senate. Nice, split, do-nothing, obstructionist, fine and dandy for all of them. Need a future, get into politics. You’ll make a fortune.

Pitching fundamentals

St. Louis Cardinal’s manager, Mike Matheny: Send your pitcher, Lance Lynn, over to Illinois and we’ll help him practice his skills like you do with a kid. He needs to learn all the aspects of the game now that the Cardinals are stuck with him.

Oust Madigan

What can be done to stop Mike Madigan? He controls Illinois’ legislature. Jerry Costello II is supposed to represent Southern Illinois, but I believe that he’s afraid of Madigan. Madigan wants all of these school funds for schools in Chicago. Illinois isn’t going to go anywhere until we get rid of Madigan.

Illinois disaster

Brendan Kelly and Jerry Costello: Illinois has not been ruined by famine, natural disaster, poor geography, insufficient educational funds, federal funds or safety funds. It has been ruined by its politicians and their friends, the judicial system and crony capitalism. Stop the corruption and the TIF laws.

More on Collinsville

What’s the back story with former city manager Scott Williams? How do you copy and delete a hard drive? What are you covering up? I’m thinking there is much more behind the “claims” he and his voted-out council have put out there. Did they stage all of their grandstanding to cover up what they did? I want to see due diligence, BND. I feel I’ve been lied to and I smell a rat.

More on Williams

Seems like the editorial board only reads half its stories. The follow-up story about Collinsville Councilman Brombolich finally included the information that former city manager Scott Williams is being prosecuted for destroying city records. Why would someone so upstanding and beyond reproach need to destroy records? Is it possible that Brombolich was being singled out and persecuted for questioning the actions of Williams and his buddies? Is it possible much of this was just more lies and these text messages were just a last-ditch effort for a long-term employee who was being treated illegally to save her job? I guess if we rely on the BND for our news, we will never know.

Health care for all

If the masses don’t want Obamacare, call it USAcare or American Health Coverage. We all should pay into it. Congress needs to straight up the pharmacies making billions, the overcharging by doctors and hospitals. Look at the top salaries of the five major drug firms — astronomical pay. You pay $8 for 10 pills. The same pill, 6 months later, is $10 a pill. Yes, many did not like being told to secure health coverage, bring down premiums, but no matter what president’s name is put in front of it, Americans all will be the better for it.

Socialized medicine

Socialized medicine run by the government is the solution to all of our healthcare woes? Tell that to Charlie Gard’s parents. The hospital wouldn’t even release their baby so that he could die at home. Do we really want to see something like that happen in the U.S.?

Single payer coming

The same day that poster child for the evils of socialized medicine, Charlie Gard, died, John McCain cast the deciding vote to preserve the nationalization of health care. The plan, devised by Democrats, will fail so miserably, it will force us to single-payer — another way of saying socialized medicine.

GOP dignity

Three Republican senators took the easy route and sided with Democrats on the health care vote. Clearly, it’s hard to be a Republican. You have to fight for the dwindling providers as opposed to all the takers. That’s not popular. America is full of takers. Had locals Dick and Tammy in Illinois or Claire in Missouri dared to cross over, Democrat protesters would be surrounding their residences threatening their lives, families and property. For Republicans, we just chalked it up to how America is. We got out of bed and went to work to take care of our families, save for our own retirement, pay our kids’ college tuition, and pay our medical insurance premiums and those of the protester crowd. Yeah, it’s hard to be a Republican, but knowing that you have dignity when laying your head on the pillow at night is priceless.