Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Aug. 9

Check out Bost’s voting record

Representative Michael Bost and his photo op trip to Cahokia MotoMart (BND, Aug. 3) is his attempt to show that he is a man concerned about working people. Ha! Don’t be fooled. He has a voting record of serving those who already have money and security. Don’t take my word for it. Check out his record of voting. He has no record of voting for issues that help seniors or disabled people who at times are forced to choose between food and medicine. He has done nothing to respond to the growing food insecurity among students attending community colleges. He has provided no leadership for people in Southern Illinois struggling in low-wage jobs, having to work two or three jobs to support their families. Bost is a bust! Anybody but Bost.

Jesse Arm, Belleville

It’s not a lie if you believe it’s true

George Costanza taught us that it’s not a lie if you believe it’s true. When President Barack Obama said, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” he believed it to be true. It was not a lie when he said it.

Lie or mistake, this statement is nothing compared to the pants-on-fire constant barrage of false promises and statements uttered daily by President Donald Trump.

The Affordable Care Act was an altruistic, genuine attempt to provide health care coverage to everyone. This noble effort was vilified unrelentingly by the political opposition every day from the day it was passed. Criticism of anything so often, and by so many, no matter how good it actually is, will insure ultimate failure. As I wrote before, the Affordable Care Act is not failing as a result of its many inadequacies, which could be corrected with some bipartisan effort. It is being forced into a weaker and weaker condition by external criticism and uncertainty of support from the executive and legislative branches of our government, which repeatedly threaten withdrawal of previously promised support.

David J. Busse, Maryville

‘If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.’

Mike Bost, there is an old saying: If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Apparently a confrontation at the Cahokia MotoMart is what you don’t like. By the way, how many bills in Congress have you been the author of or have co-sponsored? I’ll bet the answer is none of the above. You are nothing more than a yes man for Paul Ryan and the Republican agenda. That includes taking away health care from many people. Why don’t you tell people how much your salary as a Congressman is – answer: $187,000. Not bad for an individual who can’t write laws but votes yes to everything.

James J. Harrigan, Waterloo

Humans are allowed to change their minds

To writer James Harrigan, there is nothing that says anything is going to happen to Medicaid. Not that I have seen anyway, though I know there are many out there that are claiming that Donald Trump is going to cut Medicaid, and that is what his budget does. That doesn’t mean it will happen, as many also want to claim well he said this and that so must be true and then they gripe because he decides to change his mind. What, you think he is not allowed to change his mind? He may be our president, but he is also human; humans are allowed to change their minds.

He has done a lot of good so far, so why don’t you wait instead and see what happens with Medicaid? You may be calling wolf before there is a reason, just like with other things.

Lori Felts, Worden

That’s no way to run a country

As Gene Robke never tires of repeating Leftist mythology, he must again be reminded that LBJ could not get his Civil Rights Act passed without the Republican Party as he had no support from his fellow Democrats. Robke’s new spin is of a mass defection of the “racist” Dems to the Republican Party afterward, which would have given Republicans a super majority through out the Johnson’s tenure.

On to Joseph Reichert and his disjointed explanation of how democracy is not for everyone. Does he realize how racist it sounds when he says “all men created equal” is a fallacy and unattainable now that the racial demographics of the country have changed? He also confuses a republic with a democracy (using the words interchangeably).

It was Benjamin Franklin who wrote during the Revolution that Americans were not striving only for their own liberty but that of all of humanity who were entitled to fundamental rights regardless of their ethnicity.

Reichert wonders why no other country has our style of democracy. Simply put, socialist democracy (an oxymoron) does not work. Socialist democracies in Europe are bankrupt, propped up by ever rising taxes with economies stagnating under a burden of government regulation all based on the notion that some people ought to be in charge and others need to told what to do, which sounds a lot like the last eight years of with Barack Obama. “Shut up, pay your taxes and do what you are told,” is no way to run a country.

Mark Godwin, Lebanon

Our children will suffer with an inferior education

Not sure how many people are aware of the way the Cahokia School District is being run. They have created numerous positions for unnecessary, non-certified personnel, including one who has pending felony charges for voter fraud. Classrooms will be bulging at the seams because the board hasn’t hired enough teachers. Yet Superintendent Art Ryan was on the front page of the BND last week about not getting state money before school starts. An individual is being put into an administrative position but doesn’t have an Administrative Certification and one being rehired after being let go for taking money from one of the schools. These are all political paybacks.

I sure hope the St. Clair regional superintendent of schools is aware of what is going on. Our children and grandchildren are the ones that will suffer by receiving an inferior education.

Mary Ann Spicer, Cahokia

They turned away one of the most qualified candidates to ever run

Traitor Trump rallies look like a meeting for the National Association for the Advancement of Stupid White People. How could the United States of Stupid produce 63 million dimwitted wackos, who not only voted an imbecile in office, but turned away from the most qualified candidate to ever run for president, Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Vote Democrat in 2018-2020.

Jim Walters, Belleville

Birth control is not in scripture

Lee Harris has a right to her beliefs, but are they according to Scripture?

She follows the teachings of her unnamed church that was organized by the Asian Jews that lived in Asia Minor; that is now a country called “Turkey.”

The Asian Jews killed most of the Apostles in 1 AD. They stoned the Apostle Paul while he was organizing the Seven Churches of Asia. That group tried to kill Paul while he was in the temple at Jerusalem. The Roman Government rescued Paul and took him to Rome as Paul appealed to Caesar.

Paul was well cared for in Rome and given private quarters where he wrote several of his Epistles. Paul probably died in Rome.

Meanwhile, a Roman General named Titus burned the temple in Jerusalem because the Asian Jews were using the temple as their headquarters for their planned insurrection against Caesar.

The subject of birth control is not in scripture. That is another idea of that group of old men who thrive on controlling people.

Cal Fink, Troy