Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Aug. 10

None of Democrats’ big promises have come to fruition

State Rep. Elizabeth Hernandez’s BND opinion piece illustrates what exactly is wrong with Illinois politicians. The article is titled “Protect Fairmount Park and the state’s Latino workers.”

In reality, the article is about gambling expansion, not protecting Latinos. Gambling expansion Senate Bill 7 does not allow gaming tables at Illinois racetracks. Hernandez believes gamblers in Illinois will flock to the gaming tables instead of gambling away their money at the racetracks. Hence, the Latinos working at the tracks will suffer. Hey Lisse, the reason Latinos suffer in Illinois is because you and other Democrats can’t provide an environment with good job opportunities!

Over the past 20 years Democrats have made big promises to the voters. None have come to fruition! Instead of securing the future of Illinois voters with employment growth, business growth, funding pension plans or paying Illinois’s debts, Democrats have wasted billions on their pet projects and political friends. Illinois is losing businesses and population at a record rate, as well as talented young people. Who wants to work in a dead state, where Democrats like you vote to raise state taxes by 32 percent?

Elisabeth Hernandez, you have already failed the Latino workers! If you think a racetrack is the pillar of your community, you have some serious issues. If you want Latinos to prosper, provide them with opportunities for better jobs. Gambling expansion is nothing more than an attempt by desperate Democrats in a broke state to grab more gambling revenue to waste.

Pete Hill, O’Fallon

You can’t dismiss your faults by finding someone guilty of worse

I thought I was about done writing. But the letter from Gary Like gave me pause. In this one letter, he illustrated a near total disregard for a retired Air Force officer, and his lack of understanding of politics, law, ethics and facts.

The comment comparing Donald Trump to Bill Clinton is an invalid comparison. As Bill O’Reilly reminded us frequently, one cannot dismiss their faults by finding someone guilty of something worse. Trump, contrary to what Like says, has accomplished nothing so far. None of his rules or goals has ended up being enforced, and his economic policies are flawed and won’t be passed. But he talks about them as if he were the King and we should just take his word for it.

We’ll see, but so far he is the great pretender who has been making the U.S. look, collectively, like fools as Europe, China, Japan, the Middle East, South America and both Canada and Australia have condemned not only his style, but the effect his constant warbling on Twitter, his bad manners and flawed social skills.

We will be lucky indeed if he does not provoke another world war or just more regional wars, which would waste the lives and bodies of our young people. I would say, “God help us,” but that is what the Muslims say too. The most appropriate thing I can think of is “Snap out of it.”

Joseph Reichert, Belleville

SCOTUS must guarantee right to life to all born and unborn

An Associated Press journalist reported on July 28 that U.S. scientists have edited the genes of human embryos. This controversial experiment was just an exercise in science according to The Technology Review, which reported the news. Officials at Health and Science University in Oregon confirmed that the work took place there. Last year, Britain claimed some of its scientists edited human embryo genes as well as China.

Earlier this year, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Medicine said in a report that altering the genes of embryos might be OK if done under strict criteria and aimed at preventing serious diseases.

Where are the human rights of this human American embryo, created in a lab petri dish, with 23 chromosomes from a mother and 23 chromosomes from the father? This single cell fertilized egg is now a human embryo; his or her intact body is complete, and nothing will be added from the first cell until the person dies but nutrition and oxygen.

These human embryos will be killed by retrieving, extracting and editing their genes. Keeping this horrific procedure legal, the donors probably donated the sperm and egg. This deadly legal loophole has been used for years to legitimize Planned Parenthood’s sale of donated, aborted baby body parts. Planned Parenthood profited by retrieving, packaging and shipping.

The U.S. Supreme Court must guarantee the right to life to these American citizens, legal personhood to all now, unborn and born.

Esther Koch, Clinton County Citizens for Life Newsletter editor

Trump administration has negatively impacted millions worldwide

Gary Like, of Highland, brags about his intent to repeat his mistake of again voting for Donald Trump. Like goes on to attempt to compare, as a greater degrading the office of the president, the personal deficiency of Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky with the complete chaos, inefficiency, and ineptitude of this administration. The Clinton debasement had no impact on anyone’s lives outside the White House and its only result was a lowering of our worldwide prestige. In contrast, the actions of this administration have already negatively impacted the lives of millions worldwide.

On the same day we have the secretary of state saying we do not seek regime change with North Korea and are willing to have direct talks while within hours, the vice president rules out direct talks with North Korea. No senior U.S. official has the same sheet of music, with the same policy guidance.

Like then goes on to make the ludicrous claim that he voted for Trump based “on his experience, knowledge, ideas, and believability”? Trump got a start with his father’s money, was often sued by his contractors, filed for bankruptcy four times, had two failed marriages and never held an elected public office, but he had his own TV program. Also, he lies repeatedly. On this same day, as the confusion noted above, Trump lied by stating the Boy Scouts leader called to congratulate him on his Jamboree speech, while the Scout leader denies having made that call. Go figure.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon

Is that cogent enough?

Mr. Bill Malec, this is not, I hope, the usual ugly response the BND hopes for to a reader’s letter, regarding my opinion about the treatment and potential dismissal of LGBTQ military personnel. As someone with a background in journalism, I view your letter as constructive criticism, but cogent?

When I address this forum, I don’t drink 50 beers and fire off an incoherent diatribe. I read, re-read, look for punctuation and grammatical errors (OK, except for “Tim” Kasich), and try to visualize what others may think. That being said, sir, my views are my views.

A 30-second “cheat sheet”...

Donny and the Cheeto (see: snacks) are the same; orange hair, orange face and, when you squeeze one, it crumbles and goes “poof,” kind of like his agenda.

The Cheeto wants LGBTQ soldiers out, because they’re “not fight worthy,” and their insurance is killing the military budget. Ah, but there’s the passage of a $50 billion increase ... Then, there are older, upper echelon officers in trouble over “improper contact” with underlings. Hmmmmm ... military Viagra?

Sir, I think I remember reading that you’re a veteran, as am I. Thanks for your service! Anytime a soldier’s ability to perform comes into question, I’m concerned. The BND has my number. I’d love to talk with you over a cold one, and discuss our differences.

Is that cogent enough?

Tom Whittey, Belleville