Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor for Aug. 19

We are ignoring the ‘Art of War’

History tends to repeat itself. It will surprise you if you don’t recognize something that happened before is happening again.

On June 26, 1876, Col. Gerorge Armstrong Custer approached a location in the West near Eastern Montana and Western Wyoming. His Seventh Calvary contingent thought they were about to catch the Lakota Sioux by surprise and overwhelm them with 212 mounted calvary. But they were wrong. The Sioux, as well as the Northern Cheyenne and the Crow, Arapaho and Blackfoot, had had enough of the lies, betrayal and deceit of the U.S. government and had met to discuss it. The U.S. had done many things to break treaties and allowed others to do so as well.

Custer made many mistakes. He thought he could overwhelm them, not realizing the size of the encampment outnumbered him 99-1. He failed to take the cannon he had and had refused to wait for supplies of even rifle ammunition. All died.

Are we doing this again? North Korea has over a million-man army willing to die for their idiotic leader. They have other millions in reserve. It sees we are ignoring the “Art of War,” which is thousands of years old. One of the goals is to “appear to be unprepared when you are prepared.” This document has been the basic truth used by the Chinese 1080 under Emperor Shenzong. Still true. If we know neither our enemy nor ourselves were are at a woeful risk.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville

Racism is all about ignorance and hate

Racism is all about ignorance and hate. Blaming slavery on black people in Africa who sold their own people into slavery is a sure sign of a racist. They can’t figure out there would not have been a market for slaves without the white slave owners.

Simple-minded people of white privilege tell black people to “make it on their own.” Intelligent white people realize the advantages of being born white to white parents in a white community. We all benefit from positive upbringing and role models. Not many “make it on their own.” Unless you were treated like a second-class citizen by a large segment of racist white people, you have no clue about the daily struggles many black people have to endure.

When racists say “they mob, protest, burn property, steal every thing in site, hurt and kill,” they are forgetting about the millions of good hardworking black people who are businessmen, engineers, professors, judges, doctors, scientists, secretaries, nurses, teachers, etc., who obviously have much higher IQs than the racist letter writers.

These letters are always from conservatives. There is utter silence from our major churches or the Republican Party about the scourge of racism. Some churches are cozy with the Republican Party, where racists are welcome. We now have white supremacists in the White House and Congress, who cling to the sick hypocrisy of the Religious-Right.

Gene Robke, Carlyle

Who did the Native Americans steal it from?

I see Joseph Reichert thinks that of all people, Native Americans deserve reparations for being taken over by the Europeans, who yes, were all white. The Spanish, the English, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Italians, the French, etc. — Some were tan colored if we are going to be eternally stuck on skin color.

There may have been some mixed blood in the conquering also. Say maybe a White-Hispanic like George Zimmerman, who shot Trayvon Martin (first one I ever heard of) or maybe a White-African-American like President Barack Obama.

My question is then, who did the Native Americans steal and conquer it from? The world is a history of conquering and being conquered. So who did they rip off?

Brent Rains, Collinsville

Disappointed in coverage of world trapshooting event

I am disappointed in your coverage of the 12th Amateur Trapshooting Association’s Grand American Championship at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, only 40 miles south of your office.

It is hard to believe that a world shooting event does not warrant your attention.

10,000 guns plus, and not one of them has jumped up and killed anyone.

This is an exact copy of a letter I sent you last year.

I guess that responsible people acting responsibly with guns, an inanimate object, is not newsworthy and therefore does not sell newspapers.

Scott Linders, Sparta

Come and visit the O’Fallon Community Garden

In response to June Boggy’s Aug. 8 letter: Thank you for the kind words about the lovely flowers at the O’Fallon Community Garden (State and Smiley). The garden property is owned by the city of O’Fallon and is planted and maintained by the all-volunteer O’Fallon Garden Club with support from the O’Fallon Parks and Recreation Department and their parks and ground crew. Our goal has been not only to beautify the city with flowers but to also provide fresh vegetables for O’Fallon’s Food Panty — last year we provided 4,200 pounds of produce. We invite you — and everyone — to stop and actually walk the garden, smell our roses and other pollinator-friendly plants, watch our three beehives at work, and see what folks who rented the 24 raised beds have planted for themselves. Several Eagle Scouts have built pathways, benches and an arbor within the garden. A Girl Scout Gold Star candidate recently cataloged and researched signage for many plants in the garden. A number of elementary school classes regularly visit the garden to learn more about nature. We invite you and everyone to join us. Our membership meeting is the first Tuesday of every month at Rock Springs Park’s cabin and we work in the garden every Monday and Thursday mornings between 8 and 11 a.m., and on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 p.m.

Annie Skaggs, O’Fallon

Advice on depression

In the June 16 issue, Dear Abby addresses a lady “hurting up North from Depression.”

Depression is normally a “spiritual problem.” Find a good spiritual counselor. The other disciplines in the medical field are not normally qualified to help. (Read materials by Jay A. Adams.)

All depression comes from unhappiness. All of this comes from dashed expectations. Set goals high but expectations low. Maybe you can sell waterproof survival fire starting kits instead of selling insurance or cemetery plots. This may give you the spark of life you are seeking.

You may not be aware that Pfizer paid for a questionnaire to help medical folks diagnose depression and assign their drug to treat it! Conflict of interest? Nor were there any peer reviews. How reliable is the test? The condition is rather nebulous to begin with. So, you may be “eased into using their product” and they get to pocket the obscene profits. (They do not tell you that Pfizer funded the study.) It’s possible the MD doesn’t know this fact!

In addition, the drug has very serious side effects and one must be weaned off of it to prevent suicidal issues! This requirement is likely mandated by the AMA.

Thus, MDs and psychiatrists must follow the proper protocols for patients to stop using this drug. (They are given the authority to prescribe drugs because they graduated from an approved medical school.)

William J. Sturm, O’Fallon