Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on political profiteers, alt-right, Chicago teachers

Politicians profit

Cahokia School District 187 doesn’t care what people think about the new hires. It’s politics at its best. The moment you read the name McCall, it all makes sense. The McCall family runs the district and the village. They laugh all the way to the bank. After this school year, the superintendent is gone with a hefty pension, so why should he care about what goes on. When are you going to stop voting for these people? All we do is continue to line their pockets.

Advertise openings

The new Cahokia school district jobs are plain old patronage. One hire is related to the St. Clair Township and Cahokia Mayor McCall. Were any of these jobs advertised? Was anybody else allowed to apply for them? This has to stop.

Corruption continues

It’s so odd that every mayor of Washington Park gets in office and continues the corrupt business. Mayor Rickie Thomas and Trustee Debbie A. Moore are destroying the broke village by hiring family members and forcing the board to vote the way they tell them. What ever happened to the charges Trustee Juliete Gosa filed against Mayor Thomas for harassing her? They are paying Clyde “Stonewall” Jackson back pay for when he was a police officer years ago.

Police failed

Charlottesville was a tragedy in so many ways. Charlottesville was also an epic failure by police and local government to maintain control of the situation. The bussed-in hate groups of anti-protesters were equally responsible. The anti-protesters had their usual hoodies, masks, and frequently used chains and clubs. The failure of the police to prevent or intervene when the protestors clashed was evident. I was amazed a large-scale riot didn’t ensue. Fortunately, the police did their job protecting the downtown stores from smashed store fronts, looting and fires we have seen so many times.

Two to tango

It takes two to tango. When alt-right protesters, with permit in hand, met with those of opposing opinions at Charlottesville, it was inevitable that sparks would fly. Had self-proclaimed supporters of good versus evil not deployed there, alt-right marchers would have had no spectators and been relegated to standing around picking their noses. All U.S. citizens are entitled to freedom of speech under the First Amendment regardless of how venomous or evil their words and actions might be. Cheered on by the mainstream media, social activists cannot act as vigilantes or America’s conscience in the battle of good versus evil.

57th hate group

The BND article estimating there are 56 hate groups in the area, but forgot to include Black Lives Matter as one of the worst. The BND article photo shows a black man, anti-protester, using a spray can with flammable materials inside as flame thrower. The man intended to burn and seriously injure people, not demonstrate peacefully.

Chicago teacher pensions

The BND printed interesting facts about the Chicago teacher’s pension system. In 1995, Illinois turned over the Chicago teacher’s pension system to the Democratic-controlled Chicago. At that time, the teacher’s pension system was 100 percent funded. Since then, Chicago Democrats didn’t fund the pension system. Despite receiving $250 million annually from the state, Democrats spent the pension money on their pet projects. Now, only half the money needed to fund the teacher’s pensions is available. Madigan and the southern Illinois Democrats want you to fund the Chicago teacher’s pensions. First, how dumb are southern Illinois voters for electing Democrats to vote for this? Second, just how stupid are the Chicago teachers for allowing the Democrats to put their retirement in jeopardy?

From hospital to party town

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital tearing down the old facility in Belleville might not be a bad thing. Once it’s torn down, the city can buy the property and pave it over. Then, we have a whole new place to host Art on the Square, Oktoberfest, the Christmas celebration and whatever else. We wouldn’t tie up Illinois 159 and Main Street anymore.

Rally cat abuse

Typical Cardinals, they threw their rally cat out into the street after it ran onto the field. That organization only cares about is the money they make. They don’t care about the public or the animals. That’s why I don’t go to Cardinal’s games.

Random kindness

On Sunday, I went to Denny’s to eat after church and a man paid my bill. Thank you, whoever you were. The hostess said that he wanted to do something nice. It really made my day. There are kind people in this world. God bless him.

Explanation needed

The front page of the BND today said that the Governor’s changes to the school funding bill would hurt downstate schools. The previous editorial said that we’d be getting more money. I would like to hear from Rep. Hoffman and Rep. Greenwood — how is your plan going to get the downstate schools more money? Explain it, please.

Eclipse maps off?

I’m laughing at NASA’s estimate that the maps for the totality of the eclipse could be off by one mile. Yet, NASA can tell us that in 50 years the seas are going to rise and global warming is going to inundate islands. It’s mind-boggling. They can’t get the map right for something that’s going to happen next week. But, they think that they can tell us what’s going to happen in 50 years.

Labels from left

Why has uncontrolled violence suddenly gone viral? It’s the balloon theory. The Progressive Left’s disbelief they lost the election meant they could no longer have free rein with the White House. It couldn’t be the voters choice that Trump won, it had to be Russia. So now the Left, because their balloon burst, are grabbing at straws rather than accepting the truth. During the eight years of Obama, the Left had complete control and they are still out there. With their PC garbage, they said anything Christian was offensive. The Muslims aren’t spewing this hatred, it’s the left wing Americans. While Obama was drawing lines in the sand, causing race relations to go back to the ’60s, the Left was destroying Confederate flags and statutes, burning and changing words in books, even Mark Twain’s, and telling us that if we disagreed, we were racist, bigots and misogynists.

B.O. Day

It’s disappointing that Illinois will celebrate Barack Obama Day starting in 2018. It’s not quite as disappointing as in 2009 when Obama was prematurely and without significant justification handed the Nobel Peace Prize, but close. Truth be known, long-time Illinois Democratic stalwarts like Michael Madigan and John Cullerton have done more to shape Illinois, though not in a good way, than Obama. It stinks that there is no annual birthday celebration across Illinois for them. Maybe we can lump all their contributions up and just celebrate them each year on August 4th, B.O. Day.

GOP tragedy

The people of the Illinois 12th Congressional District elected a Republican in 2015, Mike Bost, for the first time since 1945, with respect to redistricting over the years. One would think that the world has come to an end based on letters to the BND. Can one Republican affect so many lives so negatively? Exactly what has changed in your lives? Have your government entitlement payments stopped or been cut? Are you no longer eating because Bill Enyart isn’t casting votes? I would argue that with Republican representation, stalwart Illinois people, knowing that they may one day be able to keep more of what they earn, are being far more charitable, resulting in increased donations of money, food, clothing and time, all things that help the many Illinois people in need, including the letter writers.

Poisonous snakes

Thanks to new letter writer Gene McNaughton for his informative tutorial on poisonous snakes found in St. Clair County. Unfortunately, there are other “poisonous snakes” in this area. They wear business suits, can be chameleon-like and are known as “politicians.” You have watch out for them too.

Politician watcher

At Monday night’s Collinsville City Council meeting, one would have to wonder if frequent speaker Phil Astrauskas is stalking Councilwoman Donna Green. He first asked her about property she owns and has vehicles parked on, then stated he drove by her house on the 4th of July and knew what vehicles were in her driveway and parked in front of her home. Why is Astrauskas driving by the Councilwoman’s home? Wonder how he’d like the same treatment?

Wigginton update?

BND, I’d like to see an update on Wigginton, the arrogant former U.S. attorney who got drunk and crashed his car. What’s going on with him now?