Letters to the Editor

Why we can blame Bush

I read the paper every day. But I also read Time, The Week, USA Today and various online sources. If a person has only one source for current events, he doesn’t have the whole story. That is the difference between BND letter writers Kevin Gagen and Gene Robke and the Tea Party regulars who seem to have no knowledge of history. Gagen and Robke speak facts, not false accusations in slang terms.

Congress has only a 17 percent approval rating because lawmakers don’t understand economics, the environment or history well enough to avoid making the same mistakes over and over. Fox News is wrong so often in trying to spin the facts for or against what they support that it is hard to follow if you read instead of just listen to twisted stories.

The debt is the current point of attack. Economists know, however, that the debt is important only when measured against gross domestic product. Ours is about 30 percent, but Greece, a country in a real problem, is more than 65 percent. Even how we got this debt is kept unclear by critics of our current president. Of the $14.3 trillion, the current president is responsible for only 16 percent. Here is the full breakdown: 7 percent carried forward before President Reagan. Reagan 13.2 percent. George H.W. Bush 10.9 percent. Bill Clinton 9.8 percent. George W. Bush 42.7 percent (plus lives and assets lost) during his term.

So, yes, it is still George W. Bush’s fault that people lost homes and businesses went into recession.

Joseph M. Reichert