Letters to the Editor

Drop the double standard

Again, letter writer Leon Anderson took President Obama’s words out of context when he accused Obama of saying Christians are terrorists. The president didn’t say that, but I’ll say some belonging to the Christian faith have been just as guilty of being terrorists as some of those belonging to the Muslim faith. Remember the Crusades, the Salem witch hunts, slavery, Indian displacement and the invasion of Iraq?

Some people asked why mention the Crusades, which happened more than 1,000 years ago, when Christians invaded Muslim countries, maiming and killing Muslims. I say that’s history. Don’t we continue to read biblical history, which is more than 2,000 years old?

Christians were behind the 17th century Salem witch hunt when they hanged and burned women at the stake for supposedly being witches. (Why didn’t they burn men?) Christians placed human beings in bondage for almost 400 years and declared them three-fourth human. Christians drove Indians from their lands and refused to honor the treaties they’d agreed to. Christians invaded Iraq after lying to the American people.

Some people will say not all Christians are responsible for such asinine acts. To that, I’ll say not all Muslims are responsible for ISIS. Actually, Anderson should hold President Bush responsible for ISIS because had Bush never invaded Iraq, ISIS wouldn’t have become a threat. But, as usual, Obama is expected to clean up his mess.

Let’s end the double standards.

Frankie Seaberry