Letters to the Editor

Don’t just condemn; act

A few American Muslim leaders have recently condemned the savage beheading of 21 innocent, non-combatant Coptic Christian men. Condemning actions that are clearly hideous, however, provides very little solace to those who view these beheading as nothing less than the vilest form of wretched, uncivilized barbarism.

Do you know what the world has not seen, and what non-Muslims need to see?

It is time for moderate Muslims to do more than just verbally condemn. It is time for moderate Muslims to force Muslim states to track down these monsters and bring these Islamic terrorists to justice. It is time for moderate Muslims to seek out and imprison terrorists who would kill peaceful infidels in the name of Allah.

The world does not need to hear Muslims condemn the obvious barbarism of their fellow Muslims. It is time for so-called moderate Muslims to free the world of Islamic terrorism by taking all necessary actions to clean up their own house by removing the cancer of Islamic terrorism from both their ranks and from the face of the earth.

Chris Tabing